What about those Lazy Days of SUMMER??

by Eclectic By Design on July 25, 2013

Can you feel the push already to get ready for Fall.  I was suprised just yesterday when the headliner on the radio news was to sign up for Pumpkin Chuckin!  Scheduled in mid-October.  I heard a little boy ask his Mom today when they were going to buy school supplies.  Yikes….  What happened to summer?

My list of “summer” things I haven’t done yet just got Important!

The one that encompasses all of my list items is to RELAX – sit on the deck and relax.  MUST DO!

But I must admit, that while I long for that…I have actually been very busy – changing up and bringing in new items to all my shops!  As of today, Scott and I have freshened up 4 of 6 locations.  Come and see our “late summer” themed items and look for great discounts on summer garden items.  I am really looking forward to August and September.  Cooler weather that really does let us Colorado folks LIVE outdoors.  No matter what the media tells us – It is still SUMMER and the living is easy!


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